Family Office


Family Office Model


At Cornerstone Advisory, we know that the most significant task for a financial advisor is to help clients meet their life goals. Our process allows us to move from simple, static financial planning to dynamic model that is a more relevant planning approach. The use of wealth forecasting allows us to manage our clients' assets from a "planning first" perspective. 


We build customized portfolios focused on diversification and risk management. Many clients come to us with legacy positions that have large embedded capital gains. We manage these to generate income and minimize tax implications.


We carefully assess our clients' entire financial picture. Based on their individual needs we then arrange for them to meet with vetted trusted advisors to address any legal, mortgage, tax prep, and insurance needs.


In addition to managing our clients' investments with our custodians, we also help to manage those at outside firms, including 401Ks, 403Bs and other corporate retirement plans.

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